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SEC Filings

LIQUIDITY SERVICES INC filed this Form 10-K on 11/21/2014
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Unfavorable findings resulting from a government audit or investigation could subject us to a variety of penalties and sanctions, could negatively impact our future operating results and could force us to adjust previously reported operating results.

        The federal government has the right to audit our performance under our government contracts. Any adverse findings from audits or reviews of our performance under our contracts could result in a significant adjustment to our previously reported operating results. For example, our DoD Scrap contract provides that we share sales profits with the government. The federal government may disagree with our calculation of the profits realized from the sales of government assets and may require us to increase profit-sharing payments to the government that have been made in the past. If this occurs, our past operating margins may be reduced. The results of an audit by the government could significantly limit the volume and type of merchandise made available to us under our contracts with the DoD, resulting in lower gross merchandise volume, revenue, and profitability for our company. If such a government audit uncovers improper or illegal activities, we could be subject to civil and criminal penalties, administrative sanctions and could suffer serious harm to our reputation. Government and law enforcement agencies may also investigate our other activities under our DoD contracts and our company. If such an investigation alleges that we engaged in improper or illegal activities, we could be subject to civil and criminal penalties and administrative sanctions, including termination of contracts, forfeiture of profits, suspension of payments, fines, and suspension or debarment from doing business with U.S. federal government agencies. If, as the result of a government audit or investigation, or for any other reason, we are suspended or debarred from contracting with the federal government generally, or any specific agency, if our reputation or relationship with government agencies is impaired, or if the government otherwise ceases doing business with us or significantly decreases the amount of business it does with us, our revenue and profitability would substantially decrease.

The success of our business depends on our ability to successfully obtain a supply of merchandise for our buyers and to attract and retain active professional buyers to create sufficient demand for our sellers.

        Our ability to increase our revenue and maintain profitability depends on whether we can successfully expand the supply of merchandise available for sale on our online marketplaces and attract and retain active professional buyers to purchase the merchandise. Our ability to attract sufficient quantities of suitable merchandise and new buyers will depend on various factors, some of which are out of our control. These factors include our ability to:

    offer sellers liquid marketplaces for their surplus and salvage assets;

    offer buyers a sufficient supply of merchandise;

    develop and implement effective sales and marketing strategies;

    comply with regulatory or corporate seller requirements affecting marketing and disposition of certain categories of merchandise;

    efficiently catalogue, handle, store, ship and track merchandise; and

    achieve high levels of seller and buyer satisfaction with the trading experience.

We may not be able to compete successfully against existing or future competitors.

        The online services market for auctioning or liquidating surplus and salvage assets is competitive and growing rapidly. Competitive pressures could affect our ability to attract and retain customers, which could decrease our revenue and negatively affect our operating results. We currently compete with:

    other e-commerce providers;