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LIQUIDITY SERVICES INC filed this Form 10-K on 11/21/2014
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        The key elements of our growth strategy are to:

Grow our buyer base and increase active buyer participation on our marketplaces

        We intend to increase the active buyer participation within our consumer goods, commercial capital assets, and municipal government marketplaces, by attracting new buyers and leveraging our base of existing professional buyers. We intend to attract new buyers by using a variety of online and traditional marketing programs while improving the services and experience for our valued professional buyers. In addition, we plan to use the comprehensive buyer profiles, preferences and transactional data we have compiled over the last 15 years to enable us to identify and market highly relevant assets available through our marketplaces to the most likely buyers. We believe these initiatives will help us to increase the total number of auction participants and increase loyalty among our buyer base.

Increase value and services for existing sellers

        We intend to grow by increasing the number of categories and geographies that we serve to existing sellers as well as providing a broad range of value-added services such as return to vendor programs and data analytics to solve the needs of large client organizations. For many of our sellers, we currently handle only a portion of the available supply of their surplus inventory or assets. In recent years, we have developed trusted relationships with large corporations and government agencies that offer significant growth opportunities by increasing our services offered and share of supply of their surplus assets. In addition, we have partnered with our sellers to identify previously unknown (untapped) flows of surplus assets that can effectively generate greater net returns than their current processes and improve their corporate stewardship. For example, on behalf of a large multinational retailer, we expanded our existing operations in Canada and instituted a sustainability program, enabling our client to realize value for products that were previously land filled, thus creating value for our client while providing an environmentally friendly solution.

Develop new relationships

        We intend to build upon our client base of the world's largest retailers and manufacturers, our expertise with the DoD and thousands of municipal clients to attract additional corporate and government sellers to our marketplaces. We will extend our platform to partners who would benefit from accessing our marketplace, including dealers, auctioneers, refurbishers, and other principals. We will work with partners under revenue sharing and joint venture relationships with the understanding that the assets will be transacted on our marketplace platform. The vast majority of corporations and government agencies still rely on inefficient, traditional, and less transparent disposition methods for their surplus assets. We believe our demonstrated performance coupled with an expanded sales initiative will allow us to attract additional clients. As part of our ongoing sales initiative, we plan to continue to hire additional professionals and increase our marketing and advertising to the Fortune 1000 companies in our target markets.

Innovation and technology development

        We are continuing to evolve our technology in order to create a single integrated marketplace platform to support marketing, sales, customer service, operations, financial performance and human capital management. This effort will result in the global implementation of Liquidity Services' best practices across its entire business and a superior customer experience, including more personalized tools for our buyers and sellers. Some of these, such as our Web-site enhancements or features and multi-channel optimization have already enhanced our business. We intend to develop and introduce new tools to further automate our global solution and leverage the scalability of our technology investments across all of our marketplaces, including multi-currency and multi-lingual solutions. In addition to enhancing the features, experience, and service for our buyers and sellers, we seek to